The No. 1 Exit Strategy for Employees Who Want to Be Entrepreneurs

Don’t assume the money will be there. The money really needs to be there.

How to Create an Exit Strategy With Your Job to Pursue Your Passion:

Turning your side hustle into a full-time job can be scary, but it’s achievable if you take the right steps. Christy Wright believes that taking steps rather than leaps is the best way to tackle this transition period because when you take a leap, you fall harder, faster and it hurts more. If you take a step, you can start small, grow slow and build up.

What Steps Should You Take?

  1. Start with justifying the idea and your plan.
  2. Make sure that the money is there, the demand is there, the market is there.
  3. Build the business up so much that it can support you.

Nothing will turn a business into a burden instead of a blessing like chasing money.

Be Cautious of Assumptive Math

Assumptive math is assuming that they money will be there, but it isn’t actually there. If the money isn’t there and you start to get desperate, your customers will feel that and you will see that in your sales. If you are already profitable, you can enjoy your business. If you enjoy it more, your customers will enjoy it more.

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