The Happy Wife’s Guide to Doing It All

Fawn Weaver doesn’t mind being referred to as someone’s wife. In fact, she’s built a growing empire based on being a happy wife as the New York Times best-selling author of Happy Wives Club and the creator of the blog with the same name, which has exploded into an international club nearly 1 million members strong. So although her “Mrs.” title is probably how you know her, she is so much more.

Weaver is a proud wife and a marriage advocate, but she’s a serial entrepreneur and business executive, too. She is an angel investor and chief strategy officer who has discovered—and saved—multiple fledgling startups. She is also a prolific writer with multiple manuscripts tucked away on her laptop, and she recently added “TEDx alum” to her résumé after speaking in Portland earlier this year.

In short, Fawn Weaver is a passionate, driven, hardworking woman who can teach what so many entrepreneurs want to know: how to do it all.

1. Look for a hole.

The beginning of Weaver’s journey to New York Times best-seller status started with discovering a hole in the marketplace. She was frustrated that she never heard much in mainstream media about the persona of happily married women—just the independent attitude of single and happily divorced women. “I said, ‘You know what? I’m going to start a club for women like me.’”

So that’s what she did, started a journey to prove that love and marriage still go hand-in-hand, that the “Happy Wife” really does exist and that she wasn’t the only one part of this club.

Her husband laughed at the name, which she admits is corny—but it clearly resonated with her target audience. “I said, ‘Let’s shine a spotlight on people who actually like being married and like their spouses,’” she says. “I sent an email to my five closest friends with a link to the website I’d just built. It was super simple, but within four weeks, we were in 22 countries.”

If you feel there is an angle that hasn’t been covered, a story that isn’t being told, a hole in your industry, something missing, that is your opportunity to fill it.

2. Do your research.

When you ask her how she achieved something, her answer is almost always, “I did my homework.” She understands the power of digging deep, researching to see who the influencers are and what it’s going to take to see her goals through.

When she needed press for her blog, she researched who was writing on the topic of marriage and figured out their emails by way of deduction. When she wanted to land a TED Talk, she looked at LinkedIn to see who owned the top TEDx production and sent an email to a mutual connection—who replied almost immediately. And when she wanted to make The New York Times best-seller list? She sent her publisher a report on what it takes to get on it. “When my publisher was getting ready to start their marketing plan, I said, ‘Hold tight, you’re going to get something in the mail.’ I did the research and sent a 22-page marketing plan of the retailers that report into BookScan. Most people don’t know all these different things—and the crazy part is most publishers don’t know this.”

The lesson? It doesn’t just happen.

3. Work hard for what you want.

This is a woman who writes books, runs half marathons, invests in companies and manages their strategy, travels multiple times a month, and leads a community of a million women. She is working. “My day can start as early as 4 a.m. and end as late as 1 a.m.”

She goes into overdrive when she sets her mind to something. Her younger sister calls it “curated happenstance.” “She watched the way things in my life would unfold. People would go, ‘The best things happen for [Fawn],’” she says. “Then she moved in with us and she watched us, she watched how we work. She said, ‘This doesn’t just happen for you guys—you guys are creating it!’”

4. Do what works for you.

This is the key to Weaver’s success, in multiple areas of her life. Some people say writers should write every single day. Well Weaver doesn’t. “I can’t show up every day to write,” she says. “Everyone is different.” Instead she takes a week off, holes up in a hotel and writes her book from start to finish.

She finds her balance by working (what some might call) insane hours six days a week, then completely unplugging on the seventh. “I can work those crazy hours because my husband and I always abide by the Sabbath. Everyone knows we’re going black for 24 hours.”

If you’re an entrepreneur trying to find what works for you, get creative. “If you ever say the words ‘This is the way we’ve always done it,’ you are setting yourself up for failure—immediately.”

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