Tech Essentials: Ready to Activate?

FitBit One (

Slide this waterproof, key-size $100 wonder into your pocket each morning and it’ll wirelessly sync your physical activity and caloric intake with software and apps to help you stay (or get) in shape. Attached to a wristband at night, it measures your sleep patterns and doubles as an alarm clock, pulsing to gently wake you.

Spooners Headphones by BOOM (

Magnetic housing design gives the Spooners tangle-free cable wrapping and storage. They’re water- and dust-resistant and shock-tested, so they should be able to handle your workout just fine. Detachable buds secure and lock the $39.95 Spooners into place without entering the ear canal, meaning you can better hear your surroundings—pretty important when jogging or biking near traffic.

Otterbox Armor Series (

This palm-size Abrams tank goes for $99.95 and protects your iPhone or Galaxy more completely than any other case available—it’s waterproof, drop-proof, dustproof and crushproof. No match for a volcano, though, sadly. More than just bulk, the Armor series creates an O-ring seal (the same type found on a scuba tank) and uses metal latches to stay secure.

Liquipel (

It sounds too good to be true, but Liquipel is a microscopically thin, transparent, waterproof coating that protects your devices (especially those dropped in the toilet). Send your handheld off to have the force-field applied by the company, and you’ll get it back in just a few days. Prices vary, depending on device and your ZIP code, but coating an iPhone 4S would cost $59 plus shipping, for example.


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