Taking Stock

On marriage: “I married above myself. We met at Cornell University and celebrated our 46th wedding anniversary this year. I am not the head of the house. We are teammates. She has skills I don’t have, and I have skills she doesn’t. We write letters to each other about what we like best in each other.”

Time management: “Nothing good happens by accident. You have to put structure on stuff. And for life balance, look at your calendar and block out time for yourself.”

A word of advice: “If you have your head down and are quacking like a duck complaining and acting like a victim, no one is going to help you.”

Book he recommends: Team of Rivals about Abraham Lincoln. “He had a philosophy that you will be amazed at what you get done when you don’t care who gets the credit.”

His philosophy: “Be a lifelong learner. I believe God didn’t make any junk. If my performance isn’t as good as I want, I am always willing to learn. My self-worth is not up for grabs every day. I don’t base it on other people. I think a journey starts with learning who you are and getting comfortable in your own skin.”

Practicing humility: “Sometimes the human ego edges good out and God out. Thinking ‘I am OK and
you are not,’ is the worst way you can be. Thinking more of yourself than you should or less of yourself than you should both come from self-doubt.”

Credit to others: “I’ve been fortunate to have many mentors, people who were willing to share sound advice with me. My mother used to say to me, ‘Why don’t you write a book all by yourself?’ and my response was, ‘I already know what I know!’ I’ve written 45 books with over 60 co-authors. I’ve invited them all to my 70th birthday party next year; to not only celebrate that occasion, but to share with each other what we’ve learned since we last wrote together.
It should be a fun time.”


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