Survivor. The Apprentice. Shark Tank. The Bible?

Mark Burnett’s career is anything but boring. A paratrooper-turned-Beverly Hills nanny-turned entrepreneur who is now one of Hollywood’s most prolific producers, Mark Burnett has never been one to do the expected. As he tells SUCCESS, “What you have to remember is that once you’ve done your very best, there’s no point in worrying.”

His producing credits include Survivor, The Apprentice, Shark Tank, The Voice and the latest Mark Burnett creation airing now, Stars Earn Stripes. The next item on Burnett’s Hollywood résumé is one he considers his “most important,” as he told The New York Times—his first scripted television project called The Bible, airing on the History Channel.

It’s not a reality TV show—there’s already a Bible-themed game show hosted by redneck comedian Jeff Foxworthy. Burnett is producing the 10-hour mini-series, which dramatizes classic Bible stories with CGI and live action. It stars Roma Downey, former Touched by an Angel star and Burnett’s wife, and is set to air spring 2013 on the History Channel. The series is filmed in Morocco and musically scored by Hans Zimmer (The Dark Knight Rises). The couple wrapped filming in July 2012. "We've worked three years on this," Burnett told an International Christian Retail show in Orlando. "We love it. We believe in it.”


Read how Mark Burnett’s life is an “Adventure Story” in the Sept 2012 Cover Story, on newsstands Aug. 14. 


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