SUCCESS Symposium Energizes Crowd with Inspiration

More than 2,000 people from around
the world gained pivotal insights and
inspiration from top personal-development
experts at SUCCESS magazine’s third
SUCCESS Symposium, hosted in Dallas.

“You will only have the external outcomes
of money, success, health, relationships and
prestige that match your level of internal
personal development,” SUCCESS Publisher
and emcee Darren Hardy said as he kicked
off the event.

The lineup of speakers included New York
best-selling author Stedman Graham;
America’s foremost authority on leadership,
John C. Maxwell; motivational expert John
Addison, CEO of the $2 billion Primerica
Financial Services; best-selling author,
humorist and behavior expert Connie
Podesta; best-selling author and influence
expert Chris Widener; and syndicated radio
host and life coach Mel Robbins.

Personal-development icon Jim Rohn
surprised the crowd with a phone call to share a few words of
wisdom. Rohn, who has been battling illness, said he’s on the
road to recovery because of all the good wishes and positive
thoughts sent to him from around the
world. He received a standing ovation
as soon as the crowd heard his voice.

“Say an encouraging word to another.
Help another and you will be the one
who benefits most,” Rohn said. “Pass
along a book that made a difference
in your life to another. Let your name
appear in someone else’s testimonial
for having given them the information
that changed their life.”

Colleagues, protégés, business leaders and other personal development
experts also paid tribute to Rohn in a special video
presentation. (See the Jim Rohn tribute at

Participants raved about the symposium. One called it “a hint
beyond incredible.” Heather Brown of Brandon, Fla., said the
event “brought me back to the reality of who I need to be and
want to become for myself and my family.”

Juliana Krijan of San Diego said the symposium gave
her “great ideas and practical information I can start using
tomorrow to grow my business. I had never heard these ideas
before. I was very impressed.”


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