SENTINELS: How John Monopoly and the Premier Private Security Platform Are Transforming the Private Security Industry


PUBLISHED: December 9, 2022
SENTINELS: How John Monopoly and the Premier Private Security Platform Are Transforming the Private Security Industry

In an ever-chaotic world filled with increasing social tensions and hyper-accessibility, many people feel less safe than ever. As preexisting trends of internet toxicity mixed with negative externalities resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, entertainers, influencers and other high-net-worth individuals have increasingly felt unsafe. 

With countless examples of online “canceling” leading to unwanted attention and undesirable consequences in real life, such as losing one’s job or getting “doxxed” pre-quarantine, this phenomenon has only increased as intensity, misinterpretation and hatred run rampant on social media. Some reports of increased crime and violence across America’s major cities add to the public’s feeling of lack of safety. Families are prioritizing their security in new ways. 

Understandably, the private security market is growing because of these trends. With a U.S. market size of $51.8 billion in 2022 as well as a global market size of $126.12 billion in 2022, experts expect the global market to reach $203.05 billion in 2030. This begs the question if the private security market has capable service providers and seems to be thriving, why do people continue to feel unsafe? Simply put, most people who are looking for private security services for the first time do not even know where to start looking. Further, due to the late adoption of technology in the legacy aspects of this industry, high-profile clients who may already have experience hiring security have not always had access to quality flexible private security services. This puts industry-standard service providers in a position where, regardless of how well their business is doing, they are leaving money on the table because potential customers are unaware of their offerings. However, as software continues to transform a variety of industries, the private security industry is no exception.

SENTINELS is a private security network connecting clients with an elite network of private security providers to facilitate a plethora of premier security services. The easy-to-use SENTINELS app helps clients find private security companies to book services, such as close protection, secure vehicle escorts, residential security and more on the go. 

The SENTINELS team is transforming the industry not only with its commitment to concierge-style user experience, but also by democratizing access to an expertly curated network of trusted and reliable private security operators. SENTINELS only works with verified vendors that have a history of delivering quality service. As the “Uber” for verified private security, SENTINELS allows users to track real-time progress, communicate via encrypted chats and utilize SoS features in addition to booking services within seconds. 

From enabling celebrities and business moguls to secure elite protection as they tour and travel around the world, homeowners in fear of robberies to contract private security services, those concerned that social media threats may escalate to assault to hire extra bodyguards, as well as event planners to lock in an entire team of professionals to ensure safety, the quality, versatility and convenience offered by SENTINELS are unrivaled. Additionally, for the highest-profile and most exposed clients that require ex-special forces to assist them, SENTINELS offers access to the ”SENTINELS BLACK” network. 

As a member of the SENTINELS network, small, medium and large private security firms can streamline operations, reduce costs, offer flexible solutions, increase transparency and find new clients. To this point, private security firms that use the SENTINELS software can leverage innovative automation tools to grow their businesses at scale. As more private security operators join the SENTINELS platform, a new standard is emerging within the industry. 

Recently, the SENTINELS team announced that none other than music industry legend John Monopoly is joining the company. As Head of Entertainment Partnerships, Monopoly will leverage his experience and network to promote and market the SENTINELS platform to celebrities and high-end entertainment brands. Monopoly is uniquely equipped for the position as he is intimately familiar with the overall needs, including private security concerns, of major international artists and brands. 

Throughout his career, Monopoly was on the management teams for hip-hop icons Busta Rhymes, Missy Elliot and Mobb Deep. Later in his career, Monopoly would go on to discover the creative geniuses Kanye West, Virgil Abloh and Don C, helping West launch his G.O.O.D. Music label. Drawing on his experience with the aforementioned celebrities as well as his time working at Violator and Jive Records in leadership positions, Monopoly knows all of the reasons why famous individuals and brands need security. As someone who lived these experiences, Monopoly knows how to communicate this need as well. This is precisely why Monopoly joined the SENTINELS team—to help SENTINELS continue to grow their relationships with popular lifestyle brands and high-profile clientele that require the “Sentinels Black – Private Client” account. 

Monopoly joins an experienced and savvy team consisting of Samuel Japhet-Mathias, co-founder & CEO, Yvonne Denty, co-founder & chief operating officer, A.J Lloyd, co-founder and chief strategy officer.

With a modus operandi of providing as much value as possible to the individual in need of private security services as well as to various types of security companies, SENTINELS offers plans depending on the client account. It should come as no surprise that SENTINELS is in an unparalleled position to revolutionize the private security market with its unique melange of world-class technology and its world-class private security network. Simply put, there is no end-to-end, client-centric solution in the industry quite like SENTINELS. We look forward to seeing how SENTINELS continues to push the private security industry forward by leveraging innovative technology, quality services and premier customer service.

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