Surviving Cancel Culture with Wesley Donehue

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In a cancel culture climate, it can take only one error to bring your company down. This week, political consultant and author Wesley Donehue talks with Tristan Ahumada about his efforts to save SeaWorld, how to prepare for and, if necessary, create a strategy to bounce back from damaging accusations.

Donehue’s new book, Under Fire: 13 Rules for Surviving Cancel Culture and Other Crises, utilizes his work in political and corporate brand reputation to provide guardrails to prevent or mitigate as much damage as possible to yourself or your business. From having an established damage control team in advance to determining whether you need to respond to criticism to developing mental fortitude, Donehue discusses how you can weather the storm of cancel culture.

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Tristan Ahumada is the People Editor for SUCCESS, operates Lab Coat Agents as its CEO, consults Fortune 500 companies, runs a successful Real Estate team in California, expansion teams in the U.S. (in different brokerages), owner in one Brokerage, currently sits on different boards for tech companies, and is also an international speaker. His love for technology and systems pushes him to test and use the latest products for growth for all businesses around the world including Real Estate Agents/Brokers. Tristan is from Southern California where he currently lives with his wife and two kids.

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