Reading List: Work Simply

UPDATED: September 25, 2015
PUBLISHED: January 3, 2015

One-size-fits-all time-management programs don’t work, argues the founder of Working Simply, a leadership and productivity consultancy. These programs fail because they center on the belief that impaired productivity is the result of poor time allocation. Erroneous, says Carson Tate. According to her, the true culprit is our work strategies. She says the secret to accomplishing more is to tailor your time to fit your personal productivity style. To that end, Tate provides a quiz that readers can take to determine which of the four major styles they fit into:

• Prioritizers prefer fact-based analysis and debate, and they are goal-oriented, consistent and decisive.

• Planners thrive on details, schedules and action plans.

• Arrangers love acknowledgement, appreciation, and discussing questions and concerns.

• Visualizers are innovative and open-minded, and they dislike excessive details.

The idea is to figure out your dominant style and then adjust your work strategies and tools (everything from managing your inbox and taking charge of your calendar to choosing software) to fit that style. While figuring out your personal style is fun and instructive, it isn’t the main reason to invest in this book. What makes Work Simply worthwhile is Tate’s practical and specific advice on everyday tasks such as writing an email, uncluttering your desk and controlling distractions.

by Carson Tate

Portfolio; $26.95

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