Reading List: The ABCs of Success

UPDATED: October 13, 2015
PUBLISHED: June 6, 2015

Covering 67 positive and negative topics that add up to a successful life and career, this A-to-Z guide was compiled from radio shows conducted by prosperity and personal-development guru Bob Proctor.

Each compact essay addresses one subject, ranging from ambition, courage, fear, habits, relationships, risk and other factors and ends with a few quotes—aphorisms meant to inspire and motivate. In the essay on circumstances, Proctor says, “Our past experiences and our present circumstances have absolutely no power other than [what] we choose to give them.”

Proctor doesn’t offer much advice or strategy in The ABCs of Success; he sticks to highlighting an issue and motivating readers through inspirational messages to move beyond the restrictions it presents or embrace the opportunities it offers. Meant to be consumed in small bites, the book appeals to readers who appreciate motivational mantras. The simplicity will disappoint those looking for strategies and methods.

By Bob Proctor
June; Penguin/Tarcher; $15.95