Quick Tips to Get Your Office Organized

Every year you resolve to straighten up your workspace and your files, and every year you don’t follow through. Don’t give up: Organization doesn’t come naturally to everyone, but it doesn’t have to be that challenging of a task. The key to cleaning up is to just get started!

These steps will help you get going:

1. Redefine. What does being organized mean to you? A clean desk, files alphabetized in a cabinet or stored by digital folder? Does any of that really matter to you? If you’re having trouble finding client information or you frequently forget important meetings and think a clean desk will help, then make it a priority. If a messy desk suits you, let it go.

2. Tackle. Make it a point to tackle one important task that grows your business every day. Do it first thing in the morning so you start your day by achieving something important. The feeling of accomplishment is an incredible motivator for the rest of the day.

3. Have a cleanup day. You’re going to say you can’t afford to shut out your business even for one day, but the truth is if you were really feeling sick, you wouldn’t be answering emails or talking to people. So take just one day to get organized, make lists, sign documents, file papers—whatever you need to do to get on top of it all.

Trying to clean up and can’t decide what to keep and what to purge? Find out how to streamline this decision-making.


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