Pick a Fight

The phrase “life balance” is malarkey. Here is another one: “LOVE is all there is.” Ah, no, there is HATE too.

Everyone needs an enemy.

  • Luke had Darth Vader.
  • Batman had the Joker.
  • David had Goliath.
  • Twenty-somethings rage against “The Man.”
  • Rush Limbaugh has the liberals.
  • Lance Armstrong has cancer.
  • Apple has Microsoft.
  • Rocky had Apollo Creed, then Mr. T, then the Russian, then…(ad nausea)
  • America used to have the Russians; now, it’s Osama bin Laden and Kim Jong Il and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and…
  • Even God has Satan.

An enemy gives you a reason to fight. Having to fight challenges your skills, character and resolve. It forces you to assess and exercise your talents and abilities.

Without a fight, we all become fat, lazy and sedentary; we lose purpose, passion and vigor.

Want to rally your troops, mobilize your community and get everyone fired up? Find an enemy and pick a fight.

Let’s find some butt for you to kick…

  • What value is your business trying to create? What is the opposite of that?
  • What problem are your trying to solve? There, we’ve got a problem, but now we have to give it a face—something to make a dartboard of.

Example: At SUCCESS, we are trying to inspire greatness in people. We want to help people live abundant, meaningful and successful lives. Our enemy? Despondency, mediocrity, a scarcity mentality, pessimism, etc. But who is that? You can’t put despondency in the ring and give it an uppercut.

Give your enemy a face. For SUCCESS magazine, it is the news media. Television and radio programs, newspapers, and many magazines are constantly barraging our eyes, ears and brains with sensational, negative and fear- worry- and anxiety-inducing images and messages.

I hate (most) of the news media. They are perverting our perception of the world, crippling our consciousness and stifling our belief systems. Their messages are sinister and incredibly dangerous to our creative potential. What they are pumping into our cars, family rooms, kitchens, airports, etc., is purposely sensationalized, alarming and distressing in order to grab your attention and sell you more news. It’s shameful. Oh, don’t get me started! See a video of me raging against the media madness.

Want to ignite your own motivation, bolster your own resolve and focus your creative power? Find an enemy and pick a fight.

Let’s help you out…. What do you hate? I mean, really freakin’ loath? What makes you want to punch something?

  • How about debit or credit cards?
  • How about fat, fast-food joints or synthetic, laboratory-made foods?
  • How about sugar, donuts, caffeine or cigarettes?

Put a picture of your credit card vendor, Krispy Kreme, Diet Coke, Marlboro Man or the golden arches on a dartboard and throw a dagger at it a few times a day.

Hey, maybe it’s your old self whom you hate.

  • Take out a fat picture of yourself and put it on the refrigerator door. Rage against that fat man.
  • Photocopy your bank balance and paste that on your phone. Punch that broke person out with your index finger by calling one prospect after another.
  • Got a hate letter from a spouse, family member, child or customer? Hang it on your computer. Don’t let that guy back into your heart again.

Just like Rocky put a picture of Apollo on his training-room mirror, find your enemy and let their image stir your blood, have you dig a little deeper, go a little longer and fight a lot harder.

Discussion: Who or what is your enemy? Tell us in the comment section below.


Darren Hardy is the former publisher of SUCCESS magazine, an entrepreneur and New York Times best-selling author of The Compound Effect and Living Your Best Year Ever: A Proven Formula for Achieving Big Goals.

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