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On the Go and Low on Juice?

“My best practical tip for the working traveler is a great product called mophie juice pack powerstation ($79.95). Rather than hunting for that open electrical outlet to plug in at an airport, this external battery will help charge those power-hungry devices. One charge in the morning, and you’re set all day.” —James Rollins, best-selling author whose books include The Last Oracle, The Judas Strain and Black Order

“Get a mini power strip so you can plug in many devices from one outlet—it’ll save you stressing about which device to charge first.” —Jeffrey Hayzlett, business and marketing expert

“My associate gave me a small adapter that converts one outlet into three. So rather than having to fight for plugs in the airport, I can be the hero and provide more plugs for all of my fellow campers.” —Tamra Chandler, CEO of PeopleFirm

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