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Inspired by a suggestion by industrialist Andrew Carnegie, Napoleon Hill spent 20 years interviewing the most successful people of his day. He distilled their wisdom in the classic 1937 bestseller, Think and Grow Rich. Entrepreneur and author Greg S. Reid has followed Hill’s example, applying some of his lessons in Think and Grow Rich STICKABILITY: The Power of PerseveranceIr?t=sm0fe 20&l=as2&o=1&a=0399165827. Citing examples set by today’s achievers, Reid offers these and other tips:

➻ Get along with other people. Success is not finite. Another person’s success does not compromise your potential, so take interest in others’ achievements. These same people will be more willing to help you along, as well.

➻ Don’t give up. Focus on the outcome rather than the struggle. You will reap the rewards when you have the courage and stickability to see your vision through.

➻ Stop procrastinating. Don’t allow self-doubt to stop you. The greatest achievers are those who seize opportunities when they present themselves. Have the confidence to take on an assignment that may seem overwhelming.

➻ Stay true. Let your passion and commitment become stronger than your fears. Understand that it is your job as a great leader to stand out and take the lead, which sometimes means bucking the status quo.

➻ Be a great leader. Leadership is not reserved for a special few. Leadership is learned, and involves facing challenges with composure and poise. Only then will you clearly see the solutions necessary to achieving your goals.

Read about Napoleon Hill's dramatic life story and how he challenged himself to action.

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