Mystic Zach Hirsch Merges Sports, Entertainment and the Future of Media


PUBLISHED: October 8, 2022
Mystic Zach Hirsch Merges Sports, Entertainment and the Future of Media

The world of sports is exhilarating, thrilling and always full of action. In order to enter an industry as fast paced as this, one should brace and prepare themselves for turbulence, changes and a lot of challenges. Influencer, entrepreneur and media personality Mystic Zach Hirsch has done exactly that and a lot more after entering the sports industry. 

Based in Delray Beach, Florida, Hirsch is an entrepreneur, podcast host and Web3 evangelist with a passion for sports. He’s also a junior working on his Bachelor’s degree in sports management from Lynn University and recently started the business of sports program at Columbia University. He has also completed the entrepreneurial essentials program at Harvard and attended the prestigious Sloan-MIT Sports Analytics Conference. 

A rising star as a sports influencer, Hirsch is recognized as one of the youngest and most accurate handicappers in the history of sports. He regularly makes predictions for on major sports events. At the age of 16, Hirsch was the youngest coaching intern in Division I college football when he joined the coaching staff at Florida Atlantic University. 

In addition to his sports ventures, Hirsch also co-hosts the Kiss and the Myst podcast with Jadakiss on Worldstar HipHop. The podcast features new guests every week and makes for an entertaining platform for fans of sports, culture and hip hop music. Combining Hirsch’s Gen Z stats and analytic talents with Jada’s “OG” approach to the games made the show an instant hit.  Hirsch has also been featured as an on-air combat sports commentator as well as a host for BKFC, Impact Network, Triller and Celebrity Championship Boxing. With a taste for all things sports, Hirsch also co-hosts The Fight Guys podcast with former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Rashad Evans. 

Going beyond the world of sports and into the metaverse, Hirsch is highly invested in the future of Web3. Combining his knowledge of the decentralized economy, entertainment and sports, he cofounded Mozverse, an NFT and metaverse platform that has evolved into a full Web3 ecosystem with a focus on the media and entertainment industry. 

As a teenager, Hirsch was first introduced to the public on Instagram where he boldly selected the handle @iPickWins to predict winners each week in football, basketball, tennis, MMA, boxing and other sports. Hirsch has also written, produced and directed the digital short documentary Don’t Sleep on Jake, an inside look at Jake Paul’s rise as a professional boxer, and Bounty, Beyond The Ring for Worldstar Hiphop. 

These diverse ventures that Hirsch is involved in have certainly gained him a large and eclectic following, as seen on his verified Instagram that counts almost 2 million followers including many professional athletes and celebrities. Combine that with the Kiss and the Myst podcast, Hirsch’s popular verified Youtube channel and his other social media pages, and it’s not hard to see why almost everyone in the sports and media industries recognize him. Hirsch is known for posting predictions, news features, videos and other content such as memes and giveaways. 

Hirsch’s experiences at such a young age, his background and education in sports and his entrepreneurial spirit all come together to make him the perfect person to help push these industries forward. When talking about the future, Hirsch says he’s working on growing Mozverse into a multibillion-dollar company. Hirsch might be able to predict sports, but with so much going on, it’s hard to say if he can even predict where his future is headed. 

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