Main Street Favorites: Inspiring Midwest Homes with a Touch of Asia

The world fascinates me in a way that can never be satisfied. I desperately want to take pieces from the puzzle of world cultures and make a home out of it. And that is why I love Black Bamboo, an interior design and Asian antique store in the heart of the Crossroads Arts District in Kansas City, Mo.

Black Bamboo has given locals a worldview through rare Asian antiques for the past 10 years. With its airy feng shui, the store transports customers back to a mystical era that produced alluring pieces attached to stories of artisans and their crafts.

Black Bamboo owner Tim Butt often traverses Southeast Asia (as well as North America) in search of treasure he can bring back to his Midwest doorstep. I can just imagine him foraging for ancient oddities, like an intricately etched Burmese bowl or a black beaded wedding basket from Indonesia, tucked inside old antique shops.

Black Bamboo offers just about everything short of a passport stamp—in a way that big-box stores never will. I can learn the origin and era of every item in the store—from the 19th-century carved cabinet from China to the 100-year-old bamboo wine container from Bhutan—and also gain insights into the culture that created each one. Give me enough time, and Black Bamboo will furnish every piece of my home décor.

Black Bamboo
114 Southwest Blvd.
Kansas City, MO 64108

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Editor’s note: This article is one in a series highlighting Small Business Saturday, a U.S.-nationwide event that encourages shoppers to buy locally on Saturday, Nov. 29. SUCCESS is celebrating by showcasing some of our favorite small businesses around the country—what makes them special to us, why we keep coming back and why we want them to stick around. Will you join the movement to support your favorite neighborhood shop?


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