Live Long and Prosper

Who really knows what it is about the adventures of the Starship Enterprise that has for decades captivated the imagination (and discretionary income) of a bona fide society of its own creation, its legion of devotées. Almost a half-century since the original series began in 1966, the average “Trekkie” is spending $400 a year on merchandise alone.

With Chris Pine reprising William Shatner’s role as Capt. James T. Kirk in April’s Star Trek Into Darkness
, which bursts with action when the crew battles a force of terror, maybe now’s the time to think about how you can create a cult following for your own Enterprise. Here are some of our "Trekkie" tips you can apply to your  business practices:

It would be tough to teach your best customers to speak a new language, like Klingon, but some catchy buzzwords might be a start. 

Is there a way to unite your biggest fans, like the Star Trek conventions held every weekend in at least three cities? 

Think about ways to honor and embrace your most loyal consumers. Geordi La Forge, the character played by LeVar Burton (see "Reading Rainbow Revived") in Star Trek: The Next Generation, was named after real-life Trekkie George La Forge, who died of muscular dystrophy in 1975.



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