Keep Calm Carry-Ons

Business travel is stressful, even for seasoned veterans—flight delays and cancellations turn into missed connections and surprise stays. No gadget can remedy unplanned itinerary changes, but whether all goes smoothly or your luggage gets lost, lots of technology can make your trip far less annoying.


Private WiFi (

Public Wi-Fi networks at airports and cafes may seem like a blessing, but most are unencrypted, meaning crafty users can basically eavesdrop on your browsing, emails and passwords. Not ideal. For $9.95 a month or $84.95 a year, Private WiFi software safeguards everything, making you invisible to other users on the same network.


Vuzix Wrap 1200 (

Tune out the world—or just that screaming infant in row 12—with this $499.99 ticket to serenity. Inside what resembles sunglasses, the Wrap 1200 contains the highest resolution personal display system available, with earphones to drown out noise, so you can catch up on Ray Donovan undisturbed.


Trakdot (

Before checking the bag that won’t fit above your head, place the small, battery-powered Trackdot inside. For $49.99 (plus $21.98 annual service plan) you’ll get smartphone alerts once your luggage arrives safely and when it’s 30 feet away on the claim carousel. When it’s invariably shipped to Abu Dhabi, you’ll know that, too.


Mophie Juice Pack Air (

Battery phone cases are nothing new, but the $99.95 Mophie Juice Pack Air separates itself, not only doubling your iPhone 5’s battery life, but also protecting it in a slim, lightweight cover. (Mophie also makes slim battery cases for the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy SIII.)


PlugBug World (

Solve two iProblems at once with this tiny $44.99 pick, which turns your MacBook’s power adapter into a dual power source for your computer and either an iPhone or iPad. It also fits any international socket you could encounter.


Bose QuietComfort 20 (

Bose’s first in-ear noise-canceling pair, these $299.95 earphones offer audio performance while eliminating most ambient noise—whether you’re traveling or in a noisy office. Need to hear the train conductor announce your stop? A simple switch allows you to monitor your surroundings with a built-in microphone without pausing your song.


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