For Jamie Kern Lima, Unlocking Success Starts with Embracing Self-Worth

UPDATED: February 27, 2024
PUBLISHED: February 27, 2024
Jamie Kern Lima

In a world inundated with self-help books and influencers posing as online therapists, Jamie Kern Lima is a beacon of authenticity and wisdom. Best known as a motivational speaker, author and personal development mentor, Lima is not just another success story; she is a testament to the transformative power of self-worth.

Lima understands the pressures women face in a society that often values appearance over substance. Her evolution from a world obsessed with physical attributes to one focused on inner worth is a narrative women worldwide need to hear.

Her unwavering determination and commitment to empowering others to pursue their dreams saw her evolution into a highly successful entrepreneur and global thought leader. Born in July 1977, in San Rafael, California, Lima initially embarked on a career in television journalism, working as a news anchor. However, her life took a pivotal turn when she encountered the challenges of finding makeup suitable for her sensitive skin.

This ignited Lima’s entrepreneurial spirit, leading her to co-found IT Cosmetics in 2008 from her living room with her husband, Paulo Lima. Fueled by a mission to create makeup products that addressed the diverse needs of women, especially those with skin concerns, the brand rapidly gained popularity for its inclusive approach and high-quality products. Lima’s commitment to real beauty resonated with consumers, propelling IT Cosmetics to meteoric success.

Jamie Kern Lima’s journey to success

In 2016, Lima made headlines when she sold IT Cosmetics to L’Oréal for a staggering $1.2 billion. This landmark deal marked one of the largest acquisitions in the beauty industry, solidifying Lima’s status as a visionary entrepreneur. Her success went beyond financial achievements; it was a validation of her belief that every woman deserves to feel beautiful and confident. Her unwavering message that what’s on the inside is more powerful than the exterior struck a nerve with many in the beauty world, and Lima decided to fight the industry head-on.

Post-acquisition, rather than resting on her laurels, Lima redirected her focus toward empowering others. Recognizing the transformative power of self-worth in her own journey, she transitioned into a motivational speaker, author and personal development expert. Her debut book, Believe It, chronicles her journey of overcoming self-doubt and achieving success.

So, what’s her secret? It’s simple. Lima’s path from building a beauty empire to becoming a motivational force reflects a deep-seated desire to uplift those aspiring to live a life true to their dreams. Often posting inspiring quotes and quick-hit videos sans makeup on social media to millions every day, Lima makes it clear she wants to help people shine in everything she touches, and her relatability on the global stage is why people gravitate to her events. Her teachings on how you can reach your goals by focusing in has pushed the boundaries of the personal development field. “The tools you need to achieve success are already inside you,” she says. “My mission is to bring them out in a way that feels natural so you realize your worth and move forward.”

Lima inspires her community to dig deep no matter what they are going through—and she promotes the idea that you will achieve triumph over tragedy by strengthening your personal self-worth, mastering your mindset and manifesting the life you desire.

Sharing words of wisdom

Lima understands the societal pressures and challenges faced by women in various aspects of their lives and aims to be a guiding light for those seeking fulfillment and success on their terms.

In her latest book, WORTHY, Lima provides practical tools and strategies to build self-worth, challenging conventional notions of success and encouraging individuals to rewrite their narratives. WORTHY stands as her magnum opus. It’s not just a book; it’s a lifeline for anyone grappling with self-doubt.

The core message is simple yet profound: Self-worth is the key to unlocking unparalleled success. In her own words: “When it comes to success, our self-worth is our ceiling.”

SUCCESS Speakers Bureau offer

WORTHY is more than a motivational guide,” Lima says. “It’s a road map to demolishing self-doubt and fulfilling one’s destiny. It’s a playbook on how to believe in oneself.”

Her first book, Believe It, chronicled her personal journey of learning to believe in herself. WORTHY takes it a step further, offering more than 20 practical tools and strategies to help readers build the deep internal knowing that they are worthy of love and belonging just as they are. All proceeds from the book will go to Feeding America.

Quest for happiness

What makes Lima stand out as an expert in her field is her ability to guide readers beyond the conventional notion of achievement often characterized by the pursuit of external accolades, which can leave individuals feeling like something is missing.

Instead, Lima contends that self-worth is the foundation upon which true fulfillment rests. She likens the external achievements society often values to a new home with beautifully designed rooms with extravagant art and furniture. It may be appealing and praise-worthy, but it won’t last without an unshakable foundation—in this case, self-worth.

“Self-worth is the internal conviction that we are enough as we are, regardless of past mistakes, successes or societal definitions of accomplishment,” Lima says. “Raising one’s self-worth leads to greater ambition and fearlessness in pursuing our goals. Instead of perpetuating the narrative that more external achievements will bring lasting happiness, I am advocating for a shift in focus toward building inner strength from a place of self-worth.”

Lima’s wisdom on the topic is a breath of fresh air in a world where people are often trapped in a perpetual cycle of chasing external validation. “After all is said and done, I believe my purpose is to challenge the conventional narrative that achievement equals love and demonstrates how true fulfillment comes from cultivating self-worth,” she says. Her message is not just about achieving more; it’s about achieving more while feeling fulfilled and content.

Manifesting: A journey to believing in you

From a Denny’s waitress saving tip money to attend a Tony Robbins event to becoming the first woman to hold a CEO title of a brand in L’Oréal’s century-long history, Lima’s story is one of resilience and unwavering belief. However, her journey hasn’t been without challenges. As many entrepreneurs experience in their own pursuits, she faced rejection, setbacks and the ever-looming imposter syndrome.

Lima shares a powerful anecdote about meeting her childhood inspiration, Oprah Winfrey. Despite external success, her self-doubt prevented her from connecting with Oprah for four years. This realization led Lima to confront her imposter syndrome, highlighting the subtle ways self-worth issues can hinder personal and professional growth.

Lima’s relationship with Tony Robbins, evident in her numerous keynotes for his events, symbolizes the synergy between manifesting dreams and addressing imposter syndrome. Now, as she launches her own podcast this year, The Jamie Kern Lima Show, she continues her mission to inspire and uplift others.

Jamie Kern Lima becomes unstoppable

As Lima officially launches her podcast and book this year, she invites participants to join her in embracing the power of knowing one’s worth and becoming unstoppable in the pursuit of dreams. After all, her energizing content is not without personal learnings, which have become the basis of her motivational platform. Her life serves as a beacon of hope for those seeking the courage to believe in themselves.

In a world often dominated by external validations, there’s no doubt Lima’s message is making a difference as she resonates with the masses: “The journey to true success begins with embracing your worth.”

This article originally appeared in the March issue of SUCCESS+ digital magazine. Photo by ©Chris Patey/Courtesy of Jamie Kern Lima.

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