Is Your Business Green? 3 Simple Things You Can Do

UPDATED: April 21, 2023
PUBLISHED: March 5, 2014
man riding bike to work to help business be more green

Getting your business to go green is not as simple as hauling in a few recycling bins. Today so many businesses purport to be environmentally friendly without actually making changes that consumers are now skeptical of such claims.

Besides the basic steps your company can take to become an environmentally friendly business (such as using recycled paper or no paper at all, managing your carbon footprint and using alternative products where applicable), here are three green action items you may not have considered:

1. Have your business adopt a green team. 

If local schools have recycling programs, offer to supply T-shirts for the group, buy everyone reusable water bottles or otherwise sponsor their efforts.

2. Encourage employee involvement. 

Set up a safe area for bike racks and encourage employees to bike to work. Give incentives like work-at-home days for those who participate.

3. Go green by having your business adopt your town. 

Talk to the city about having your company clean up trash-strewn areas near roadways or in local parks. Encourage your employees to participate, and consider inviting customers to attend, too. Give away food or prizes to those who help out.

This article was updated April 2023. Photo by MilanMarkovic78/Shutterstock