4 Tips to Keep Your Emails from Getting Blocked

Everyone has a personal pet peeve when it comes to email marketing correspondence. Maybe you hate seeing emails riddled with typos, or being bombarded by too many messages from the same company.

If you don’t like such junk filling up your inbox, you can bet that your customers don’t want it from you either. That’s why you should be doing everything you can to keep your company off the “block” list. Here are a few basic rules to follow when planning your email marketing campaign:

1. Get permission. There’s nothing more annoying than receiving unwanted email. Ask for permission to add customers to your mailing list, and also ask how often they want to hear from you. Make it easy for recipients to adjust frequency or unsubscribe.

2. Don’t barrage customers with email. Yes, you might be having a sale, and that’s exciting, but your customers don’t need to get an email about it more than once a day (and even that might be too much).

3. Be honest in your subject line. What is your email really about? Deliver what you promise. Make sure the links in the email go to a specific landing page for the offer, not your general home page.

4. Keep your contact list updated. If customers opted in, they want to hear from you regularly. If certain addresses haven’t opened or clicked on anything in a long time, you might need to reach out for permission again.

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