Increasing Your Skill Set

If you want to build upon your skills and talents or take your life up a notch, you need mentors. It’s easier than you might think to develop mentoring relationships. You probably already have some mentors in your life. Mentors are simply people you admire who can teach you how to develop the skills they possess. One of the best ways to learn the most from mentors is to have several of them.

Find someone who is great with finances and building wealth to be your money mentor and someone else who is disciplined in fitness to be your mentor for your health. Do you know someone who is wise beyond their years or whose overall life you’d like to emulate? Ask that person if they would consider being your well-being mentor-someone who can impart advice when you get stuck.

Mentors can be friends, associates, bosses, parents or even strangers. There is so much to learn from everyone we meet. And don’t forget that books can be mentors, too. As personal-development expert Jim Rohn says, “If you want to know about wealth, study wealth. If you want to know how to start a business, study the people who already have successfully.” One of the best ways to learn is to understand the mistakes and challenges of those who came before you so you don’t have to waste time making the same mistakes.

For other sources for mentors, consider:

Small Business Development Centers
Offer free counseling with access to training programs and information resources.

Silver Foxes Advisors
Provides long-term mentoring and short-term counseling services.

National Association of Women Business Owners
This free program pairs a woman entrepreneur with a NAWBO member.


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