‘I Was Wearing a Thrift Store Leisure Suit and a Fake Gold Chain When I Met Jim Rohn’

Tony Robbins shares a story about the transformational impact of hearing Jim Rohn speak for the first time when Tony was only 17 years old. “I was a man, a boy, looking for answers. And then this silver haired gentleman, who had so much wisdom, shared so much that night that touched me in just three and a half hours,” Robbins says.

Jim Rohn helped Tony answer a question he had not been able to answer himself, which shifted the quality of his life. Rohn has helped dozens more personal development icons find their foundations for success. Robbins, Denis Waitley, John Maxwell and more will reveal the lessons they learned from Jim Rohn in the live broadcast event, Mentor to the Masters on 9/22. Register now at www.RohnEvent.com.

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