How to Execute and Make Things Happen

“The execution factor, it doesn’t sound very sexy…”  says Kim Perell, entrepreneur and CEO of global technology company Amobee. “But I’m here to tell you how to master this one skill that will drive your success more than anything else.” That’s because execution is a skill that can be learned, she says. There are five essential traits to master the skill of execution and take something from idea to reality.


Vision is about a having a North Star. It”s about having a compass from where you are today to success. “People who write down their goals are nine times as likely to be successful over their lifetime as people that don”t,” Perell says. “Nine times! Why wouldn’t you do this?”


What is something you”re so passionate about that you would gladly suffer for?  “When I was 11, I had a passion for horses,” Perell says. “So I went to the barn and asked them if I could work at the stable to get a riding lesson, and they gave me seven hours of cleaning up the stables for a one-hour ride. I thought that was an incredible deal. Looking back I think they got a better deal on that one, but I would have done anything to ride that horse.” It’s passion that’ll keep you going when initial enthusiasm wears off.


Ask yourself what is one action that you will take to accomplish your vision. Just a simple one, Perell says. Start small and write that down. You have to be willing to take that first step.


“I think Rocky is the best example of resilience,” Perell says. “He gets knocked down all the time but he always gets back up.” This is the ability to adapt and overcome obstacles and rollbacks and thrive in change.


“Nobody is successful alone; I haven”t been,” Perell says. It”s important to build healthy, inspiring, supportive relationships. The most significant factor in any person”s life is the people you surround yourself with.

“Passion comes from the Latin word for pain. What is something you”re so passionate about that you would gladly suffer for?” —Kim Perell

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