How Mel Robbins Curbs Her Anxiety in 5 Seconds

Back in her law school days, Mel Robbins faced her anxiety like anyone else would?by seeing a doctor and taking the medicine she needed to stabilize her brain. Robbins never felt shameful about it, but one day she began to question whether she needed to do it. In a moment of curiosity, she asked herself two honest questions:

Could I use the 5 Second Rule to master my thoughts? Will it end up curing my anxiety?

When it comes to controlling anxious thoughts, Robbins says the difficulty lies in a tricky chemical response. Since there’s no chemical difference between feeling excited and anxious, you have to trick your brain into thinking the worry is joy. This is where the 5 Second Rule comes into play.

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“You use [the rule] in combination with what we call an anchor thought… a thought that makes you happy. It’s a thought that will help you stabilize your brain…. The moment you feel yourself starting to worry?the butterflies are kicking in, you’re starting to go Niagara Falls under your armpits?5- 4- 3- 2- 1.” ?Mel Robbins

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