How I Succeed in the YouEconomy: Rocking Passion

UPDATED: April 4, 2017
PUBLISHED: April 4, 2017

Luke Marshall, 24, Freelance musician currently on tour

I started playing music…

At about 15 or 16. Things were starting to click for me musically, and I was playing around town quite a bit. I thought, Hey, doing this full time is actually possible, and I absolutely can’t see myself doing anything else. I remember always wanting to be a freelance player. I didn’t want to be in a band in the traditional sense or become an artist myself.

If I weren’t playing music…

I would have pursued a career in the military or in the medical field or maybe both. When I was a little kid, I wanted to be a Green Beret medic.

Playing music for a living is like…

Running my own small business. I need to be disciplined in setting my schedule to meet with people and create content even when I don’t have anything tangible on the books. Being on the road is easy; your schedule is decided for you. It’s the off time that can be challenging. However, that same challenge is a benefit. I am super flexible while off the road and can make time for other projects and family.

I’m fueled by…

The visceral, gut feeling I get when thinking about or performing music. It’s almost like a drug addiction. It satisfies my soul, but I still can’t get enough. On a more tangible level, I’m always excited to get to the next level of my career. I set certain milestones for myself, and it’s incredibly fulfilling to reach those.

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How I Succeed in The YouEconomy: Rocking Passion

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This article originally appeared in the May 2017 issue of SUCCESS magazine.

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