He’s Glad He Helped

Alan Beauchamp of Dallas, a devoted grandfather, also cares deeply for teenagers who aren’t related to him. “I really want to make sure, as I did with my six grandchildren, that they’re equipped to handle the next generation’s challenges.”

To advance his objective, Beauchamp has generously supported the SUCCESS Foundation, which aligns with his personal mission of helping teenagers. “I can’t think of a foundation that’s better equipped to serving today’s youth,” he says. Young people “have so much noise, so many things they have to overcome today, that if we can equip them to succeed in the future, we’ve done a wonderful job.”

The same traits helped him as he rose to become an executive in the healthcare field. Beauchamp is the managing partner for all Forest Park Medical Center facilities. The Texas A&M University graduate’s goal is to leave every place he has worked better off than when he started.

“I think people are looking for leaders—and are looking for someone to follow, someone with a vision. And if you have that, you can select the right people,” he says. “During my career, I’ve had a knack for putting people in the right slot to perform and to succeed.”

The SUCCESS Foundation’s SUCCESS for Teens program teaches leadership and the importance of setting goals. The program provides qualifying participants with free copies of the SUCCESS for Teens book, in which students tell about how they overcame problems and achieved their goals with a step-by-small-step approach. Program leaders, who are usually public-school teachers, use a free guide to incorporate the SUCCESS for Teens lessons into their curriculums.

“The SUCCESS for Teens program gives our youth tools. They may want to know, ‘How can I succeed? How can I be able to live in today’s society?’ If you don’t give them the tools, they have no idea,” Beauchamp says.

We hope you’ll help, too; donors will be featured in SUCCESS magazine as we’ve done here with Beauchamp (to do so, see information at the end of this column). A gift of $25 sponsors a classroom, and $10,000 sponsors an entire district; there are various giving levels in between.


To make a tax-deductible contribution to the SUCCESS Foundation, contact Leah McCann at 940-497-9700 or [email protected]. To learn more about the Foundation, visit SUCCESSFoundation.org.


Betsy Simnacher is a freelance writer who has been published in numerous newspapers and magazines nationwide. She lives in the suburbs of Dallas.

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