Helen Hunt and Harville Hendrix on the Power of Safe Conversations

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Relationships aren’t easy. That’s why Helen LaKelly Hunt and Harville Hendrix—partners in business and life—set out to discover the secrets to healthy relationships. Now several decades later, the co-creators of Imago Relationship Therapy host conferences across the country intended to bring couples closer in an authentic way. SUCCESS.com’s Shelby Skrhak say down with the pair to discuss the underlying causes of unsuccessful partnerships, what we can learn from 18th-century arranged marriages and the important of “safe conversations.”

This interview appears on the SUCCESS Talks Collection, available in the August 2017 edition of SUCCESS magazine.

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  • Social interaction is vital to our development as individuals. So why do we let our marriages, friendships and key relationships fade? Hunt and Hendrix say it all comes down to communication.
  • It’s common knowledge that nearly 50 percent of U.S. marriages end in divorce. Learn how Hunt and Hendrix discovered the top two reasons for this statistic.
  • As gender roles continue to be defined and redefined, how does that affect relationships? Plus, learn how to implement safe, effective communication in your relationship.

Favorite quote from this episode:

“If you’re struggling in your relationship, it doesn’t mean you’re with the wrong person. If you’re struggling in your relationship, growth is trying to happen. Some sort of transformation is trying to occur, and our system knows how to hold a couple to make that transformation, that healing happen.”

—Helen LaKelly Hunt

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