Unleash the Power of Finding Purpose: Every Good Leader’s Secret

UPDATED: March 29, 2024
PUBLISHED: October 4, 2023
Amy Somerville, CEO of SUCCESS

It’s a journey of introspection, self-awareness and curiosity.

In the pursuit of business success, it can be easy to get caught up in the numbers game and overlook something really important—such as your purpose. Far from being a trendy buzzword or a lofty concept, purpose is your secret weapon for achieving long-lasting success. As a result, it’s important to look at the power of purpose from three angles:

  1. The leader’s view
  2. The team’s perspective 
  3. The customer’s experience

Defining your purpose as a leader

Think of purpose as your personal GPS in the world of leadership. It guides you through tough decisions and unexpected bumps in the road, inspiring you to go beyond the ordinary. It’s not just about hitting targets or boosting the bottom line but about seeing the bigger picture and your work’s impact on your team, your customers and even the world.

When leaders are genuine, self-aware and open about their purpose, they build a solid trust bridge with their teams. This trust opens up conversations, encourages new ideas and creates a culture where everyone feels empowered. 

People don’t just want to understand your purpose; they want to be part of it and contribute proactively and passionately. This sense of ownership and commitment can supercharge productivity, spark innovation and take team performance to new heights.

The importance of purpose in business

When your team is buzzing with purpose, your customers can feel it. Purpose is the invisible thread that ties customers to companies. In a world full of choices, it can be the deciding factor that attracts and keeps customers. 

We’ve all had the unfortunate customer experience of feeling like just another number at some point, right? We understand that businesses need to make profits, but we also crave a connection that goes beyond the transaction. We want to feel aligned with a purpose—not just a profit margin.

Balancing profit and purpose can feel like walking a tightrope. There will be times when you’ll need to lean more toward one side. But ask any leader of a successful, resilient business, and they’ll tell you: You can’t have one without the other.

How to find your purpose

How do you discover your purpose? It’s a journey of self-discovery! It calls for introspection, self-awareness and a curiosity to delve into your passions and values. Here are some steps to help you kick-start the process:

1. Take some time for self-reflection. 

Ask yourself: What activities get me fired up? What are my strengths? What values guide my choices? Which issues do I feel strongly about? What changes do I want to bring about in the world?

2. Picture your ideal future. 

In five or 10 years, what are you doing? Who are you with? How do you feel? What impact are you making?

3. Solicit honest feedback. 

Visit with people who know you well—your family, friends, mentors or team members. Ask them about your strengths, your passions and the influence you have on others. They may see you differently than you see yourself.

Remember, finding your purpose is a journey. It’s a commitment that requires time and patience, but the impact, the rewards and the satisfaction are well worth it.

This article originally appeared in the Nov/Dec issue of SUCCESS magazine. Photo courtesy of ©Mike D’Avello.

Amy Somerville, CEO of SUCCESS® Enterprises

Amy Somerville, CEO of SUCCESS® Enterprises, is a mission-driven leader with demonstrated success in developing highly effective teams, delivering dynamic learning strategies, and building engaged communities. She is a passionate community-builder, gathering like-minded, successful entrepreneurs and businesspeople to share best practices for success. She lives her life intentionally and is driven daily by the acronym L.I.V.E.: LEAD, INSPIRE, VALUE, EMPATHIZE. Follow Amy onInstagram,FacebookandLinkedIn.