22 Self-Improvement Gift Ideas for Personal Development Junkies

UPDATED: December 20, 2023
PUBLISHED: December 15, 2023
Colleagues giving each other personal development gifts for the holidays.

Often, the holidays serendipitously morph into a time we reflect on the past year, to take stock of what and who we’re proud of and give thanks for how far we’ve come. With a new year (and its resolutions) just around the corner, why not give friends and family self-improvement and personal development gifts that will help them be their best selves?

To help you, we’ve compiled a list of the 22 best gifts to give loved ones (or, heck, to treat yourself)—gifts that keep giving long after that unused craft beer subscription expires. Whether the recipient is new to personal development or just looking for a spark of inspiration, you’ll find the perfect gift for everyone on your list.

Self-improvement gifts to boost well-being

The health nuts in your life likely already have step-tracking apps and an entire drawer full of athleisure, so you’ll need to think outside the typical wellness box for these folks. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered:

1. HelloFresh subscription

HelloFresh BoxComposite

After all the holiday cookies and pies (so many pies), who wouldn’t appreciate tasty yet healthy ready-to-cook meal kits shipped directly to their front door? HelloFresh (starting at $59.94) offers a diverse range of meals to choose from that can work around many dietary restrictions, and weekly menus can be managed from a smartphone. The fresh ingredients and step-by-step recipe cards in this self-improvement gift make it easy to create a culinary masterpiece and jumpstart a healthy new year.

2. Felix Gray computer glasses

FelixGray Roebling Amber Toffee

Felix Gray glasses (starting at $95) effectively filter the pesky blue light that emanates from computers, smartphones and other electronic devices, which can cause symptoms like eye fatigue, headaches or blurry vision. The lenses in Felix Gray’s glasses are clear (avoiding that ’90s comeback kid look at the conference table) and eliminate screen glare that can cause additional eyestrain—not to mention some of their stylish frames are made with handcrafted Italian acetate and all of them are quite easy on the eyes.

3. Air220 air purifier

air220 air purifier 2

For city dwellers, air pollution can pose a significant risk to health, and unfortunately, the air is something largely out of our personal control. That is, until the air220 (around $200). This sleek and compact in-home air purifier ensures home air quality is always safe. Covering up to 800 square feet, the air220 works to clean indoor air with three levels of filtration to capture smoke, dust, pollen, hair, pet odors and more and all with a motor that keeps the room “library quiet.”

4. Thrive Market membership

Healthy products accessible to all: That’s the goal behind Thrive Market, a membership-based market that delivers high-quality, healthy, sustainable and ethically sourced groceries and home goods to your doorstep ($60–$144). Perfect for the on-the-go entrepreneur who wants to feel good about the products they buy. And you’ll feel good giving, as Thrive Market matches each membership to give free access to a low-income family, student, teacher, veteran, or first responder.

5. Bellabeat Leaf health tracker 

Designed and created for women using natural materials, the Bellabeat Leaf Urban ($99) wearable is equal parts function and looks. With five designs to choose from, users have the option to wear it as a bracelet, necklace or clipped onto a piece of clothing such as a waistband. Throughout the day, this self-improvement gift will track body changes in relation  to sleep, stress, hormone cycles, activity, meditation and more. The corresponding smartphone app provides regular updates to levels of stress resistance and advice on optimizing routine for specific hormone cycles. Plus it comes with 24/7 secure backup and a six-month battery life.

6. True Temp weighted blanket 

For someone who likes the feeling of being hugged ever so gently while sleeping, this is the blanket. Sleep Number’s True Temp weighted blanket ($199) enhances the sleep experience by incorporating the relaxing effects of deep pressure stimulation for reduced stress and anxiety. It’s available in various weights and colors.

7. Purple Harmony Pillow

Likely the most unique pillow anyone’s ever slept on, the Purple Harmony Pillow ($199) utilizes the famous Purple Grid Hex to prevent it from falling flat over time. Engineered to be the best pillow for everyone (yes, that includes side sleepers, back sleepers and everything in between), the Harmony Pillow incorporates over 1,500 open air channels to help sleepers keep a cool head throughout the night. And for those who just can’t get enough of the Grid, Purple has a hybrid mattress that will give the same no pressure support across the entire body.

Self-improvement gifts to boost self-confidence

While looks should by no means be a top priority in self-improvement, there’s no denying that feeling confident can have a big impact on all aspects of life. These gifts for self-improvement are sure to help anyone feel like they’re on their A-game:

1. Original Grain men’s wood watches

Original Grain Mens Wood Watches 2

With Original Grain watches, people can look good and feel good doing it. These specialty watches (starting at $179) focus on quality, craftsmanship and authenticity and bring a unique spin to luxury watches true to an individual’s style and personality. Even better, Original Grain partners with Trees for the Future and has planted one tree for every watch sold since 2015 to foster sustainability and combat deforestation.

2. Celestial Silk pillowcases

Celestial Silk Pillowcase

Silk acts gentle on the skin to help prevent wrinkles, has temperature-regulating properties to help users sleep more comfortably and is a nearly proven method to prevent morning bedhead to feel confident as soon as you wake. The Celestial Silk pillowcase ($34.99) uses 25 momme silk, which is thicker, more durable and more luxurious than lighter weights because the denser weave provides almost 30% more silk than its economical counterparts. Another highlight: Celestial Silk donates 10% of proceeds to charities.

3. Light therapy lamp 

Not just for seasonal affective disorder, light therapy can also treat jet lag, sleep issues and minor mood changes. Many entrepreneurs and busy go-getters report that light therapy helps with natural morning alertness and mood stability throughout the day. Portable and lightweight, this gift ($44.95) is sure to brighten up a loved one’s day—you know, more than you already do.

Self-improvement gifts to boost self-care

Mindfulness is thought to lower stress levels, increase attention and help with decision-making. And the best part about it, mindfulness can take on several forms. These gifts will help inspire people to take a moment out of the day to check in with themselves and find balance:

1. Maiya yoga mat

Maiya Yoga Mat

Available in three patterns highlighting important yogic symbols, these yoga mats are luxuriously dense for top-of-the-line comfort and cushioning, so even someone with back or joint pain will feel comfortable throughout their workout. Maiya’s yoga mats ($148) are OEKO-TEX certified-safe, latex-free and made with a closed-cell surface to prevent moisture and sweat from seeping into the mat and breeding bacteria.

2. Talisman jewelry and accessories

Sometimes it’s helpful to have a physical reminder of goals nearby so we don’t stray too far from the path. For both men and women, Pyrrha’s talisman jewelry (starting at $195)  takes inspiration from Victorian era wax seals and  incorporates unique imagery with symbolic meanings—simply pick the most suitable mantra, such as “New Beginnings” or “Never Settle.” Talismans are available in the form of necklaces, rings and even cufflinks. They are crafted sustainably with 100% recycled sterling silver and 14k gold. 

3. Mantra jewelry

Pyrrha Tailsman Jewelry

Another option to keep mantras close at hand in a more delicate style are the handcrafted Becoming necklaces (starting at $44), available in sterling silver or 14k gold. The Becoming Jewelry line offers pieces inspired by phrases like “Climb That Mountain” or “Onward,” and each piece arrives paired with a quote to give inspiration.

Another option in a more delicate style is the handcrafted Becoming necklace ($54), available in sterling silver or 14k gold. The Becoming Jewelry line offers phrases like “Be Brave” or “Choose Joy,” and each piece arrives paired with a literary quote to inspire you every time you wear it.

4. Teak & Twine gift boxes

Teak Twine 2

Self-care in a box! With options for everyone on your list (starting at $52), find the perfect combination to help them relax, rejuvenate and take a moment to focus on themselves. Options include the Energize box, the Recharge box, or the Retreat box. Teak & Twine also offers customizable boxes (starting at $50) if you want to design the perfect #SelfCareSunday box for your loved one.

5. TheraBox

When finding the perfect self-improvement gift seems impossible, subscription boxes provide relief. TheraBox is no exception. Each box promises one research-backed activity to help rewire our brains for joy, peace and contentment, plus up to eight wellness goodies (think jade rollers, aromatherapy oils and herbal teas) to help guide toward relaxation, combat stress and take self-care to a new level. Prices start at $35 for a single box. 

Stocking stuffer self-improvement gifts

Proving greatness can still come in small packages, these small gifts will surely have a mighty impact:

1. AquaNotes


The ideal gift for people who always get their best epiphanies while in the shower, this eco-friendly and recyclable waterproof notepad and pencil lets someone jot down their next big idea before it’s washed down the drain. One AquaNotes pad ($7) includes 40 sheets of paper and each sheet is perforated for easy removal.

2. Dollar Tea Club Subscription

There is plenty of research on the ways drinking tea is beneficial for mind and body. For packages starting at $1 a month, truly unique and festive tea blends mailed straight to your loved one’s doorstep. All of Dollar Tea Club’s teas are ethically sourced through direct trade and contain no artificial flavors. Currently there are over 60 blends sourced from five countries available, with new blends being added to the mix regularly.

3. 100 Questions by The School of Life 

The holiday season is an opportunity for families to come together. Too often, though, we don’t take advantage of that time to deepen our connections. So step away from the Monopoly money and give the gift of connection. Created by The School of Life, a London-based educational company founded in part by philosopher Alain de Botton, the 100 Questions deck ($36) uses insightful questions to inspire connection, honest conversation and thoughtful reflection with those we love most. From funny to uncomfortable, card prompts include, “Are you where you wanted to be at this stage in your life?” and “Have you ever had a religious experience?”

4. Self-care phone case

Not sure what personal development gift to get the minimalist in your life? How about inspirational reminders they can carry everywhere they go? Created by independent artists around the world and sold on one of the largest marketplaces for artists, you can choose from phone cases ($25) with unique designs and quotes such as, “Be patient, you are growing,” and, “Self-care is not selfish.” The best part? Each purchase supports local artists to continue creating. 

For those who like TED Talks but want more than just motivation 

Get into your success groove with the gift of self-improvement through iconic and life-enhancing personal development programs and books:

1. SUCCESS+ membership

Building the life we want takes consistency, vision and clarity. It also takes a village. Through SUCCESS+, members get access to some of the best lessons, mentors and community of like-minded people in the industry. With a subscription ($19.99 per month), users gain access to monthly live training, a vault filled with inspirational content, and exclusive access to lessons from the greats: John C. Maxwell, Simon T. Bailey and Kindra Hall. 

2. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey

In what is widely considered to be one of the most influential books of all time, Stephen R. Covey delivers timeless lessons covering integrity, service and dignity in all areas of life. First published in 1989, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People ($17) has grown to sell more than 25 million copies in more than 40 languages. Quite simply, this is a gift that should be on your giving list every year. 

3. The World Is Yours: 26 Essays on Life and Success by Jim Rohn 

Looking for a gift for the personal development newbie in your life? Jim Rohn’s The World Is Yours ($14.97) is a curated collection of the best essays from the motivational powerhouse’s nearly five-decade career. Spanning a variety of topics from financial security to finding daily joy, Rohn delivers simple, straightforward and inspirational messages that resonate with all age groups.

This article was originally published in December 2019 and has been updated. Photo by La Famiglia/Shutterstock.com

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