Get Paid Faster

Invoicing clients is easier than ever thanks to user-friendly software and apps. But invoicing and getting paid are two different things. If customers aren’t paying on time, maybe the problem is with your invoices. You would be shocked how often these problems can be prevented. Sometimes it’s as simple as making sure you’ve emailed or faxed your bill to the correct number or address. Here are some other tips that can speed up the payment process.

1. Clients should never be surprised by anything on the invoice. All payment amounts and description of services should be discussed at the beginning of the project or when the order is placed.

2. Keep your invoices simple. An invoice that is too complicated or has too many elements is likely to be confusing, leading to delays.

3. Make your contact information easy to find on the invoice. Clients should be able to contact you with questions right away.

4. Consider shortening the payment due date to 14 or 21 days. An incentive for early payment—such as a small percentage off the total—could speed up the process.

5. Explain clearly how you accept payments (by check, credit card, PayPal or money transfer). The more options you offer, the quicker you’re likely to get paid.

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