Get Confident

You second-guess yourself. You
keep your head down when
you walk. You hesitate to speak
in meetings. It takes you awhile
to make a decision. Perhaps
your self-confidence needs a
boost. Here are some tips to
build a more confident you!
Always show real
appreciation for a gift or
Don’t downplay
or sidestep expressions
of affection or honor from
others. The ability to accept
or receive is a universal
mark of an individual with
solid self-esteem, says
Denis Waitley, personal-growth
expert and author of
many books, including The
Psychology of Winning.
Dial down the nagging,
critical voice.
Imagine a
volume control and lower
the volume, suggests peak-performance
expert Dorothy
M. Neddermeyer. Or tune
in to the Disney Channel.
Could you be so serious
if it were Donald Duck
criticizing you?
Don’t brag. It’s almost
a paradox that genuine
modesty is actually part of
the capacity to gracefully
receive compliments,
Waitley says. People who
brag about their own
exploits or demand special
attention are simply trying
to build themselves up in the
eyes of others—and that’s
because they don’t perceive
themselves as already
worthy of respect.
When doing something
for the first time, imagine
you have already done it.

Your mind doesn’t know
the difference between
vividly imagined and real,
Neddermeyer says. Involve
all five senses.
Greet others with a smile
and look them directly in the
A smile and direct eye
contact convey confidence
born of self-respect,
Waitley says.
Find someone already
in the area of
expertise you need and
watch how they do it,
Neddermeyer suggests.
Model their behaviors
and attitudes.
Act as if you already have
the habit or behavior
you desire.
If you were
confident, how would
you be feeling? What
would you be thinking?
With practice, your
behavior becomes habit,
Neddermeyer says.

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