From the Archives: Joel Osteen on Being Who You Were Meant to Be

An inspiration to millions, Joel Osteen lives by the motto, “I was made for more than just to endure!” In this episode from the SUCCESS Talks archives, Osteen and former SUCCESS magazine publisher Darren Hardy discuss how to break out of a rut to reach your greatest potential.

This interview appears on the SUCCESS Talks Collection November 2013.


  • Learn how the death of Osteen’s father pushed him to become the inspirational person he is today.
  • The people you associate with makes a huge difference in your life. Are those people pushing you forward or holding you back?
  • Life can push you down. It’s easy to let setbacks overwhelm you. Listen to hear how to change from enduring to loving life—it’s about changing your perspective.
  • We lose sight of our potential by listening to the negative voice in our head. Use these tips to change that voice and achieve your greatest dreams.

Favorite quote from this episode:

“You’re not supposed to reach one level and stop…. It’s taking time every day to feed yourself something that helps you to grow.”

—Joel Osteen

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