From Dancer to Global Entrepreneur: Daniela Baumann on Empowering Dreams


PUBLISHED: April 10, 2024
Daniela Baumann

As a single mother of two, Daniela Baumann initially struggled to provide for herself and her children without a partner. However, as a dancer who understood how dancing could uplift women and encourage them to support each other, she saw an opportunity within her community. This revelation spurred her to launch LOFT1, a pole-dancing studio.

Baumann recalls seeing women flocking to LOFT1, excited to learn the sport and become part of an empowering environment. Over the course of 10 years, she has expanded her studio with multiple locations in Switzerland. Taking inspiration from the vast community of women who made her business successful, the entrepreneur stepped into a new phase of her career: motivational speaking.

Having experienced difficult challenges in life and managing to come out on top, Baumann now aims to inspire and empower women around the globe, using her personal journey as the foundation for public speaking. Her speeches focus on her tips for success as a female entrepreneur. Baumann places importance on finding your passion, exploring different interests and celebrating every milestone. In her experience, staying focused and motivated are the most challenging parts of starting a business.

While it can be easy to let hard times get you down, Baumann encourages cultivating a positive attitude and viewing failures as learning opportunities. She believes without this mindset, success is impossible. Baumann adds that since finding what works will always require trial and error, keeping your focus on improvement and striving for more is the way through.

She founded Women Leaders of the World, an organization that expands her reach and unites like-minded women through events across Dubai, Munich and Zurich. Through Women Leaders of the World, Baumann advocates for women supporting each other, embracing courage and boosting self-worth. Attendees at her events are encouraged to network with other female entrepreneurs, creating friendships and partnerships that could become their key to success. Baumann says fostering these lasting relationships gives these women a network of people to bounce ideas off of, invest in and fall back on during hard times.

Baumann is committed to providing women with a support system she did not have before she founded LOFT1. Giving back to the community is her ultimate goal. For her efforts, Baumann was recognized as one of the “Women Leaders in The Middle East 2023” by the Middle East Women Leaders’ Summit & Awards, which recognizes leading industry professionals across the region. In the years to come, Baumann hopes to bring Women Leaders of the World events to more locations around the globe.

Baumann says her success has paved the way for many women who have been uplifted by her words to find their own success—making her an inspirational figure as she empowers others and provides them with the opportunity to connect internationally. She is also inviting women for an opportunity to be featured as authors in an upcoming book project titled, The Finest Women Leaders International.

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