How to Fall in Love With Learning So You Don’t Get Complacent

How do we fall in love with learning so we don’t get complacent? The first thing is to look at is the opposite of falling in love with learning and that is, starting to drift back. The rule of nature says that we have two options: We can either move forward or we can move backward. If you don’t want to be moving backward, then you have to fall in love with getting new knowledge and constantly improving yourself. Otherwise, what are you here for? You have a lot to learn about being you and through every bit of learning that you do, you will open up more about what makes you happy and about how you’re going to achieve success.

Now, there’s a problem here and that is, we have access to so much knowledge, it’s like a fire hose. At the moment, we read over 100,000 words a day through street signs, blogs, magazines and more. So many people are trying to put their thought processes onto us, but the key is to get a single purpose and to focus on what you want to achieve with your life so that you can start to consume and filter all this information. This will open doors for you like nothing else and you’ll be consuming it in a unique way that brings your passion and your purpose to that article. Try that with the next thing you read.

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