Epilogue: Share the Strength


Why is it that some people change their bodies and others transform their lives? What is it that ignites life’s brilliance deep within?

Your FIT for SUCCESS journey has helped you cultivate your strength. You’ve come to know your greater capacity as you forged your body and mind strong. Now it’s your turn to share the strength you’ve discovered with others and to help them embark on their own journeys. As the practice of training and eating right strengthens and enlivens your body, so does the act of contribution—big or small—nourish your soul.

Share your energy, time and passion freely. Contribute your knowledge of all your accumulated wisdom. In your service and contribution to others is where both you and those around you receive the greatest returns. When you share your strength, you get stronger; everyone gets stronger.

Now I challenge you to share your strength—and to share your stories of strength with me. I want to hear how you’ve transformed your body, your life and the lives of others. Please e-mail your stories to me at  [email protected].

I’ve been honored to serve as your guide in the 90-Day FIT for SUCCESS Challenge.

Stay Strong,

Shawn Phillips


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