Entrepreneur Stephen Scoggins’ Secret to Building a Lasting Legacy


PUBLISHED: January 9, 2023
Entrepreneur Stephen Scoggins’ Secret to Building a Lasting Legacy

One of the most significant challenges of being alive today is leaving a legacy that will outlive you. Entrepreneurs leave such legacies—think of Steve Jobs, whose accomplishments we still talk about today.

We may feel that leaving a legacy is for people with a special kind of personality or IQ, but that’s not the case. You may be homeless, drowning in debt or at the lowest point in life and still come out of the situation to leave your mark on this world. We talked to one versatile entrepreneur, Stephen Scoggins, to uncover more about how he helps people build a lasting legacy.

About Scoggins

Scoggins is a successful entrepreneur, speaker and business coach. He owns seven businesses generating high revenues, plus a podcast—Stuck to Unstoppable—that pulls in more than 4 million views. Scoggins did not gain success because he had a lot of money in the bank or because of any particularly outstanding deed. He considers himself just an ordinary person who experienced a life-changing moment.

Scoggins says that he worked for 20 years and still fell short. He was subjected to limiting beliefs and unhealthy relationships and was constantly spinning his wheels, trying to gain traction but continually getting in his own way. Scoggins also experienced homelessness, with $70,000 in debt. The turning point came when he met his first mentor, Steve Myrick, who challenged him and helped him “wake up” and change his ways.

Presently, Scoggins’ sole purpose is to help people build a legacy that outlives them. He teaches many important business and life skills, like how to show up in ways that will help you change the game and, as a result, radically elevate your life in every way.

Building a legacy that outlives you

Scoggins is a man who has already established his legacy. He built his first company from the trash piles of a construction site into an eight-figure leading business with no debt or credit.

Scoggins is a man who knows how it feels to lose it all. He knows the feeling of emptiness that comes with not having enough or feeling that something’s missing. Yet his experiences are the reason why he’s dedicated to helping others.

Through his speaking events and coaching, Scoggins teaches budding entrepreneurs how to build a business as soon as possible. He teaches life-changing business skills, like how to bootstrap a business into the millions. He also shares how to overcome the challenges facing today’s businesses and avoid the mistakes he made along the way.

The time is now

A legacy is something that positively impacts your life and the life of others. One of the best ways to build a legacy is to set up a business that you’re passionate about. Scoggins points out that most people underestimate the time and effort it takes, but the results will significantly change your life and contribute to your legacy.

If this idea piques your interest, Scoggins is the right mentor for you. You can check out his website, listen to the podcast and follow him on social media to learn more.

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