E-Commerce Blunders to Fix Now

Does your e-commerce website lack “stickiness”? That is, do your website analytics show that consumers visit your site but don’t hang around long enough to buy anything? Why are they leaving so soon? Your website probably has one of the following issues—luckily there are easy fixes.

1. Too busy. Not your customers, but your website. Keep it simple. If you’re trying to fit a ton of product information on the home page, it’s going to look complicated and confusing. Try using drop-down menus to provide more information and lots of white space to make the page look clean and professional. Use icons instead of words and select a few impactful, high-quality photos. Too many graphics and photos on your home page can cause long upload times, leading impatient consumers to move on instead of waiting for the site to load.

2. Incompatible. Test your website on different browsers, including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari and Firefox, to make sure everything loads and appears as it  should.

3. Mobile unfriendly. Did you know more people now access the Internet via mobile devices than PCs? With about 1.4 billion smartphones and 268 million tablets in use, make sure your website is mobile- ready.

What began with a pizza has mushroomed into a multibillion-dollar industry. Find out how e-commerce was born.


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