Dr. Oz’s 4 Pillars of Longevity

Get breathless.

“Longevity is all about daily vigorous physical activity. Go outside after you read this and walk around for half an hour, and do it at a pace so that you get a little breathy. Do that a few times a week, and you’ve done the most important thing you can do for longevity.”

Eat real food.

“Eat whole food, food that looks the way it looks out of the ground when you eat it. Those nutrients are too important for us. Remember, when you’re walking into a grocery store, you’re walking into a pharmacy.”

Have a purpose.

“You have to have a meaningful reason for what you do in life. Retirement can put this at risk. If you have a hobby like wanting to cure hunger in Africa, I say yeah, retire fast. But most people don’t have that. Sitting around at home doing nothing is waiting for death. Statistically, you’re most at risk of dying within six months of retiring. If you give your heart a reason to keep beating, it will.”

Get screened.

“Colonoscopy. Mammograms. Prostate exams. Form a partnership with your doctor. The information is out there. Prevention to me is all about making it easy to do the right thing.”  

Read more from Dr. Oz in the October 2011 issue of SUCCESS.


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