Discover Your Personality Style at Work

Have you ever felt like you’re in the wrong business? Do you love to swap weekend stories while everyone else is poring over spreadsheets? Or do you find yourself coming up with one big idea after another but don’t have an outlet to see them through?

Kate Ward, author of Personality Style at Work, says people generally fall into the following four types: direct, spirited, considerate and systematic. If you can recognize what your type is, not only will you “have less chance for misunderstandings or conflicts,” she says, but you’ll also have a window into your ideal career.

Have a look at your superstar personality twin and see if you’re in an industry that plays to your strengths:

Direct: The “you’re fired” man himself, Donald Trump, who is a bottom-line person. The direct personality gets quickly to the point and is not into chitchat. If you’re not yet a real estate mogul or you lack the proper hair follicles to pull off the Trumpster, try these other careers: CEO, executive, lawyer or university professor. Spirited: Media queen Oprah Winfrey. Spirited personalities are big-idea people who love to brainstorm and inspire, though sometimes miss a detail or two. Consider a career in the arts or architecture, interior design, advertising, or politics. Considerate: Warren Buffett, who cares deeply about team harmony and wants to support others. Considerate types are real peacemakers. If you’re filling the coffers Buffett-style, consider philanthropy. Other careers? Counselor, elementary school teacher and positions in the service industry, such as hotel management. Systematic: Microsoft genius Bill Gates, who is well-organized, logical and an articulate list-maker. Systematic people excel in analysis and structure. You may find success in accounting, information technology, the military, dentistry or engineering.


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