Future of Work

man dressed nicely for work in office

Looking Good, Feeling Good, Doing Good? How to Dress for Work in 2023

By Jill McDonnell / June 8, 2023 /

Amid hybrid and remote work situations, do the old rules for dressing professionally for work still exist today? Here’s what you need to know.

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employee handing in their resignation to boss

7 Classy Ways to Handle Employee Resignations

By Alex Frost / June 6, 2023 /

If frequent employee resignations and #quittok are here to stay, here’s how to best prevent and deal with employees quitting.

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man using exercise equipment at home because of wellness perk at work

Rethinking Work Perks: 5 Things Employees Want More Than ‘Fun’ At Work

By Iona Brannon / May 24, 2023 /

Traditional benefits may not be enough to attract and keep employees anymore. Here are five perks that serve employees better at work.

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Millbrook Companies employee with dog at the new office space

How Millbrook Companies Reinvented the In-Office Experience for Employees

By Alex Frost / May 11, 2023 /

Instead of choosing a traditional office, Millbrook Companies renovated a historic house for a new kind of office experience for employees.

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