Busy at Work? You Can Still Put Family First

When you work for yourself, there are times you must leave the house before dawn and come back after your family is fast asleep. But with a little creativity, you can stay connected even when work consumes your waking hours. Some ideas:

• If you have to work late, have your family pack a picnic and eat together on the floor of your office. Or meet for a quick bite near your building.

• Your kids are looking for you at their ballet recitals or soccer games. Even if you’ll have to return to the office and stay later than you would otherwise, take time away from your work to show your support at these important events.

• When traveling, instead of using Skype just to say goodnight to your family, use it to be a part of important events. Have your spouse set an iPad at your place at the dinner table or help your kids with their homework.

With ideas like these, you can show your family and your job love. What are some ways you stay close to your family while still showing dedication and productivity at work?

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