Good Ranchers Is on a Mission to Bridge the Pasture-to-Plate Gap


PUBLISHED: September 15, 2023
Photograph of different cuts of Good Farmers raw meat including chicken breast, steak, and ground beef patties.

The process of bringing food from the pasture to the plate can be unclear to the average person. Despite claims of freshness and health plastered across grocery store shelves, that’s not often the reality. In the complex industry of mass production and industrialized agriculture, Good Ranchers, an American meat company, aims to bring about a change.

Driven by a desire to highlight the work of independent U.S. farmers, American couple Ben and Corley Spell established Good Ranchers. Their mission is two-fold: to call attention to the important role of American farms and to bridge the gap between producers and consumers.

Navigating the landscape of honest producers in today’s food industry can be a tough task. In fact, the Spells say they found it difficult to find food they could trust for their own family. It’s here that Good Ranchers steps in, placing integrity at the core of its operations. The Spells built the brand because of what they saw as a lack of wholesome nutrition. Their message seemed to resonate with people, and this collective frustration and shared determination led to the creation of Good Ranchers.

Good Ranchers aims to go beyond distributing farm-fresh meat from dedicated U.S. ranchers. “We aspire to be a beacon of truth, a guiding light within an industry often cloaked in mystery,” the company asserts.

Taking a leap forward, Good Ranchers introduced a monthly subscription service. This service gives consumers access to locally sourced meat that is delivered to their doorsteps. This subscription model offers consumers the flexibility to choose the frequency of their deliveries. As an additional perk, all subscribers enjoy a two-year price-lock guarantee, ensuring their price for high-quality meat stays the same regardless of the price of meat in the grocery store.

While labels, certifications and claims made by food brands might be intriguing, a true measure of quality includes a transparent path to how meat ends up on your table. The Spell family’s ultimate goal is to offer consumers a clear view of the pasture-to-plate journey that every cut of meat goes through. Focusing on a mix of sustainability and quality, Good Ranchers aims to act as a pipeline between consumers and farmers.

Support for Good Ranchers has come from various quarters, with notable names such as Joe Rogan, Team Penske, Ben Shapiro, Candace Owens and Donald Trump Jr. rallying behind the brand. These endorsements underscore Good Ranchers’ mission—one that seeks to transform the way people engage with the food they eat.

Through its mission, Good Ranchers is carving out a path in the food world that proves you can do what you believe is the right thing and still find success.

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