Stay on Track for Productivity

woman working from home distracted by her phone

We may be used to working remotely, but it’s still easy to get distracted. Follow these tips for how to focus while working from home.

Naming Your Business? 5 Things to Think About

In any major U.S. city, you can’t go more than a couple of blocks without seeing a Starbucks. The name is so ingrained in our minds that—whether you’re a fan of the coffee or not—you know exactly what that Starbucks name stands for. When you start a business, it’s crucial to choose a memorable name […]

How to Keep Prying Eyes Off Your Company’s Data

Data breaches are on the rise and in the news. Home Depot and Target are just a couple of the global companies that have had sensitive data stolen during the past several months. Hearing that huge corporations are victimized can make small-business owners feel as if securing their online business data is futile. In reality, […]

4 Tips to Keep Your Emails from Getting Blocked

Everyone has a personal pet peeve when it comes to email marketing correspondence. Maybe you hate seeing emails riddled with typos, or being bombarded by too many messages from the same company. If you don’t like such junk filling up your inbox, you can bet that your customers don’t want it from you either. That’s […]

What’s the Best City for Your Business? 12 Things to Consider

Looking to relocate your existing company or searching for the perfect place to start a business? Here are some factors to consider. Small-business friendliness: How supportive of small business and entrepreneurship is the state and/or city you’re considering? Small-business friendliness can encompass everything from zoning laws and tax rates to economic development programs and incentives for […]

3 Keys to a Great News Release

If you’ve been working to solicit media coverage for your business, but keep falling short, you may find yourself wondering whether journalists even bother to read your news releases. Take our word for it: The answer is yes. Maybe you should examine what you’re saying in your overtures to reporters and how you’re saying it. […]

The Best Ways to Save on Biz Expenses

In any economy—good or bad—one of the smartest moves small-business owners can make is to constantly monitor expenses and figure out new ways to lower them. To help you out, here are some of the best ways to cut spending while still investing in your company’s success. Travel Light With ever-rising airfares and hotel rates, […]

4 Grand Opening Pointers

Getting to this day has consumed your thoughts for months, even years. So what exactly do you have planned for the grand opening of your business? Will it be a spectacular event, or are you hoping your new (or relaunched) business will magically go viral on social media and score a sudden following? Chances are […]

6 Steps to Boost Cash Flow

Whether you own a one-person business or a corporation with multiple locations and dozens of employees, staying on top of your business’s cash flow is crucial to success. Simply put, cash flow refers to the income and outgo of your business’s cash. Just as with your personal checking account, falling short of funds for necessary […]

Top-Notch DIY Customer Service Solutions

Is your company struggling to manage customer service? Rest easy; no longer do you need a receptionist or dozens of customer service representatives standing by to give your small business’s customers a big-business experience. Today’s DIY customer service tools let consumers handle their own scheduling and get service the way they want—whether that’s online, by […]

The Best Tech to Monitor Your Small-Business Money

What one change will make the biggest difference in your small business’s efficiency, profitability and success? Switching from paper-based accounting to an accounting software system. Today’s accounting software programs do more than keep the books. With one click, you can generate reports that tell you and your accountant everything you need to know about your […]

Is Your Home-Based Business in Line with the Law?

If you’re thinking of starting your business from home, you’re not alone. In fact, 69 percent of entrepreneurs do so, according to the latest Global Entrepreneurship Monitor report. However, if you’re not running your home-based business in line with the laws, your business could be shut down before you get it off the ground. Some […]