4 Grand Opening Pointers

Getting to this day has consumed your thoughts for months, even years. So what exactly do you have planned for the grand opening of your business?

Will it be a spectacular event, or are you hoping your new (or relaunched) business will magically go viral on social media and score a sudden following? Chances are it won’t, so here are four ideas to help your grand opening get the attention it deserves:

Choose the optimum time: Think about your customers and when they can attend your event. Even if it’s an online grand opening, would a weekend or night work better for your clientele?

Get permission: If you’re located in a busy strip mall, you may not be able to have those bounce houses you planned to rent for your customers’ kids. Check with your city’s zoning department, your location’s property management company and neighboring businesses to make sure you can stage the spectacle you want.

Offer something special: Low, low introductory prices with coupons good for another visit can keep customers coming back long after your grand opening. Freebies work, too.

Tweet it! If you’re just starting out, it makes sense to use social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook to spread the word even before your grand opening. Also, you should reach out to local bloggers and news media to drum up coverage, which can give your startup a big boost.

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