Here’s How You Become a Biz Whiz

Scratching your head about challenges to your company? The nation’s 900 Small Business Development Centers, which are funded in part by the U.S. Small Business Administration, have solutions. The philosophy behind these centers is akin to the idea of teaching a man to fish so he can feed himself for life: SBDCs offer free and […]

Practice On-the-Job Mindfulness

People who practice mindfulness (being fully focused on the moment) at work—instead of multitasking—increase their productivity while decreasing their stress, says neurologist Romie Mushtaq. “You’re sharper, more efficient and more creative,” says Mushtaq, an expert in mind-body medicine and Mindful Living. She offers these suggestions on how to go about it: Concentrate on one task […]

Pass the Popcorn, Save a Marriage

Want to shore up your marriage? Then see a relationship movie and talk it over, according to a University of Rochester study that worked with 174 newlywed couples divided into four groups. Researchers were surprised that couples who watched and discussed five movies about relationships during a month-long period benefited just as much from this […]

Time to Get Serious About Sleep

We’ve all heard and perhaps admired overachievers who need only four hours’ sleep per night (Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer comes to mind). But these folks aren’t doing their health any favors: Research indicates that inadequate sleep disrupts the body’s ability to process sugar, causing metabolic disorders such as type 2 diabetes and obesity. Wendy, who […]

Baseball Entrepreneurs Make Their Pitch

Find a need and fill it—Lee and Jason Jaramillo followed that oft-cited prescription for entrepreneurial success. Both of the professional baseball catchers—Pittsburgh Pirates fans probably remember Jason’s three years with that team—know all too well the pounding their hands take despite wearing a mitt behind the plate. So they devised the $29.99 Forceout glove for […]

States of Well-Being

When you think about well-being, what U.S. state comes to mind? Hawaii? Colorado, maybe, or Vermont? Although these states scored well in the new Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index, the state that nailed the top spot was North Dakota, and it barely edged out South Dakota. But how do you determine states of well-being? For the report, […]

Let Go for Spontaneous Success

Sometimes the harder you strive to do something well, the more you mess up. Edward Slingerland, author of the new book Trying Not to Try: The Art and Science of Spontaneity (Crown), suggests that winging it might not be such a bad idea. Slingerland, professor of Asian studies at the University of British Columbia, explores […]

4 Creative Ways to Walk While You Work

Walking can ward off stress, heart disease and diabetes as well as help you stay trim. Take a cue from National Walking Day earlier this month and add steps to your workday by: • Getting your feet in gear when you talk on the phone. Wireless headsets abound, giving you the freedom to stride comfortably. […]

Texting Do’s and Don’ts

Texting—quick, easy, less disruptive than a phone call—is one of the digital era’s greatest communications tools. But unchecked texting also has spawned rudeness, disrespect, unprofessional behavior and danger. So what are the guidelines for responsible texting? Check out these worthy do’s and don’ts. • Don’t text when people are speaking to you; it’s impolite. […]

Savoring Saving

A December Gallup poll found that 62 percent of Americans prefer saving money and 33 percent prefer spending it. Before the Great Recession, the amounts were closer to 50-50. The poll found that 40 percent say they are spending less in recent months than they used to, 28 percent say they’re spending more and 30 […]

Beat the Blahs

“You must get good at one of two things: sowing in the spring or begging in the fall,” motivation champion Jim Rohn said. But how do you break the grip of winter malaise to get sowing? Try these tips: • See the light by opening blinds, using strong artificial lighting and taking a walk in […]

Getting Engaged

A recently released Gallup workplace study found that, as of the end of 2012, only 30 percent of U.S. workers were “engaged,” defined as employees involved in, enthusiastic about and committed to their work, and who contribute positively to their organization. Gallup also reported that 52 percent of U.S. workers were not engaged and another […]