4 Creative Ways to Walk While You Work

Walking can ward off stress, heart disease and diabetes as well as help you stay trim. Take a cue from National Walking Day earlier this month and add steps to your workday by:

• Getting your feet in gear when you talk on the phone. Wireless headsets abound, giving you the freedom to stride comfortably. With a corded phone, you can still walk in place. Think about other tasks you can do while standing, walking in place or pacing—like filing papers, talking with a colleague, reading a quick article.

• Using a treadmill desk. SUCCESS columnist Michael Roizen, M.D., says proper pacing allows you to maintain efficiency at these desks. In his tests, Roizen learned he can reply to emails at 1.8 mph, do more serious writing at 1.7 mph and chat during conference calls at a relatively brisk 3.3 mph. Bonus: Treadmill use improves alertness and offers a mini-workout at work.

• Holding walk-and-talk meetings. The late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs famously held walking meetings—a technique that worked out pretty well for him.

• Scheduling yourself for walking breaks. The free Time Out program for Apple computers and the free Workrave program for Windows remind you to take short breaks between periods of productivity.

Drs. Oz & Roizen tell you even more ways to make your workday healthier.


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