How Miranda Lambert Saved Main Street with a Little Country Glitz

How Miranda Lambert Saved Main Street with a Little Country Glitz

Miranda Lambert describes her life “like a circus tent.” On top of her music, clothing and boot lines, winery, and endorsement deals, she has two boutiques, one in Oklahoma and one in Texas—and one of her stores, plus a bed-and-breakfast, helped revitalize her adopted hometown of Tishomingo, Okla. Lambert was less busy, though, and a […]

Kris Carr on Self-Care

Every day we are challenged to perform our best. It’s hard enough. But when life throws a curveball, many people simply crumble. Not Kris Carr. Diagnosed with an incurable stage IV tumor over a decade ago, she has overcome the odds and still lives each day performing at her very best. She shares her story in an interview with former SUCCESS magazine Publisher Darren Hardy.

Rory Vaden on Procrastinating With Purpose

Do you ever wish you could add more hours to the day? That you could multiply time to get more done? Rory Vaden knows exactly how you feel. As a self-discipline strategist, he’s constantly on the lookout for ways people can find extra time. He shares ideas in his new book, Procrastinate on Purpose, and sits down with Hardy to discuss his exciting findings and suggestions.

Todd Duncan on Purposeful Selling

Sometimes it can be difficult to find the motivation to do what’s necessary to make sales. No one knows this better than Todd Duncan. Through his own experience and with the help of mentors, Duncan overcame obstacles in pursuit of a successful sales career. In this episode of SUCCESS Talks he shares what he has learned about sales throughout the years.

Geoffrey James on the True Meaning of Selling

Author Geoffrey James encourages us to not be intimidated or frustrated by the process of selling, and to remember that, at its heart, selling is all about making someone else happy. Listen as he shares insights that can help you reach your sales potential, not matter your position, product or company.

Stitching Together New Lives: The Inspiring Story of Krochet Kids

#KnowWhoMadeIt. That’s inscribed on every hand-crocheted beanie, scarf, backpack and T-shirt Krochet Kids Intl. makes. Those hand-signed tags signify the stories of 200 women from Uganda and Peru, who are the reason for the organization’s existence. “The signatures make it clear,” CEO Kohl Crecelius says, “you’re not buying just another hat or scarf.” That’s also […]

His Dying Words: Don’t Let the Theater Go

A pied-à-terre in Paris. A Manhattan penthouse. A forgotten savings account with a seven-figure balance. These are the things we daydream about inheriting. But the stuff that has made Strange Inheritance a runaway hit for Fox Business Network—it launched in January as the highest-rated debut in the network’s history and has already been renewed—is something […]

Linda Hill on Leading Innovation

To foster creativity, we must break the mold of traditional “good leadership,” says Linda Hill, co-author of Collective Genius: The Art and Practice of Leading Innovation. As a professor at Harvard Business School, Hill has studied leadership within some of the world’s most revolutionary companies. In this exclusive interview she sits down with former SUCCESS magazine Publisher Darren Hardy to discuss how we, as leaders, can create giant leaps in our own organizations.

Eric Ries on Innovation and Entrepreneurship

When it comes to conjuring new ideas, products and ways of doing business, young startup companies have the edge on their corporate competition, which are often hampered by bureaucracy. Few people can explain the innovation advantage of new entrepreneurs better than Eric Ries, the leader of a nationwide startup movement and author of The Lean Startup. Here, he and Hardy talk about the innovation opportunities for you and your company.

Hard Work Can Get You Fired and 15 Other Rules at Netflix

Business is anything but usual at Netflix, the company founded by Reed Hastings, SUCCESS’s March cover personality. That includes a dramatic departure in the traditional view of employee relations. Hard work can get you sacked. Vacation time isn’t set in silicon. Loyalty doesn’t factor into job security.  In an essay published last year in the […]

Patrick Lencioni on Healthy Conflict

When working within a group, there is bound to be conflict. But disagreement doesn’t need to be negative. According to renowned author and speaker Patrick Lencioni, “Conflict is the pursuit of truth.” In this interview, Lencioni shares many insights on the advantages of conflict within your team and how to maximize them.

Do You Cultivate or Stifle Conflict?

If you don’t know how to handle dissent and conflict with your team, you’re missing out on a vital tool for innovation, problem-solving and growth. Take Jennifer and Jack , a husband and wife who owned a high-end restaurant and who turned to Robert Ferguson, executive coach and co-author of Making Conflict Work: Harnessing the […]