Jeff Thompson

Jeff Thompson
Jeff Thompson is managing partner at Windermere Group One. WGO is a member of Windermere Real Estate, a real estate network comprised of 300 offices and more than 6,000 agents throughout the western United States. Jeff is truly passionate about helping build companies by building their people. He leverages his 25-plus years of experience in real estate to coach other managers and brokers. Jeff credits much of his success to hard work and a willingness to partner with good people.

company culture

3 Ways to Find the Right Company Culture for You

By Jeff Thompson | October 15, 2019

Company culture is not one size fits all. You need to decide which style will best boost your engagement and keep you motivated to succeed.

Kendra Scott: Keeping It Real

By Jeff Thompson | February 4, 2014

Kendra Scott remembers those lean early days. With family finances stretched thin and a baby on the way, she started her jewelry line with $500, working out of a spare bedroom in her Austin, Texas, home. “Everything was truly up against me,” she recalls. A dozen years later, Scott leads a multimillion-dollar global business. Her…

Pack Smart

By Jeff Thompson | November 9, 2013

The Helium II Jacket is built for flash-storm protection and folds down into the size of a granola bar. Carry this lightweight, completely waterproof jacket for unexpected rain showers. It’s so light that you’ll probably forget it’s stuffed in your bag. (, $150) The Travel Halo’s unique design lets you sleep comfortably while sitting up;…

How to Develop Your Own Big Idea

By Jeff Thompson | July 1, 2013

With 115 U.S. and international patents, more than 400 products she’s created and sold, and a starring role on ABC’s Shark Tank, Lori Greiner is always working on the next big idea. “I think about things that either I need or want, or will make my life easier, or things that I notice will make…

1 Million Cups: Brewing Entrepreneurship

By Jeff Thompson | June 7, 2013

Every Wednesday morning, entrepreneurs in six cities meet over coffee to share their startup ideas and challenges, and to get feedback from experienced business owners. The hour-long open forum is called 1 Million Cups, launched in April 2012 in Kansas City, Mo., by the Kauffman Foundation to create a community for entrepreneurs, mentors, community members…

On the Go and Low on Juice?

By Jeff Thompson | March 15, 2013

“My best practical tip for the working traveler is a great product called mophie juice pa

Reading Rainbow Revived

By Jeff Thompson | March 11, 2013

As host and producer of Public Broadcasting Service’s

Taking a Chance on Chocolate

By Jeff Thompson | April 5, 2011

Frank Crail, a former CIA systems analyst and tech company founder, wanted a simpler li

Web extra: More Resources for Crowdsourcing

By Jeff Thompson | May 14, 2010

If you’re a small-business owner, your resources are probably limite

Gadgets on the Go

By Jeff Thompson | February 17, 2009

Business travelers want handy technology devices that are easy to charge and carry. Here are a f