Ask SUCCESS: How Do I Improve My Website’s Traffic?

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Today’s question: I get a decent number of visitors to my small-business website, but they don’t convert into any sales. How do I improve the quality of the web traffic that I get?

Bob Serling: This is an important question I hear frequently from business owners in many different industries. Many people have learned how to generate large streams of traffic, but that traffic is low quality and doesn’t convert to very many sales. So Mike, what do you recommend for improving traffic quantity and quality at the same time?

Mike Koenigs: I’d say everything begins and ends with an offer. There must be an offer that attracts people to you. I’ve always been a big fan of generating qualified traffic by video, going back to the early 2000s and the formula has pretty much stayed the same. Create video content that positions you as an expert and authority on a topic. I talk about this concept in my August 2012 article for SUCCESS, “Be a Brilliant Online Marketer.” Name your video according to popular keywords, essentially thinking what terms someone would use in search.

YouTube is a great outlet to post a demonstration video that shows how something works and produces a visible result. At the end, offer a free consultation, a free trial or a free quote by visiting your site. That’s going to be one of the best ways to get some qualified traffic to your site.

Bob: Can you give an example of a specific type of result that someone might want to demonstrate?

Mike: Sure, here’s an example of something that I did not long ago. I was one of the first people to recommend a video camera called the Kodak Zi8. It’s a very inexpensive video camera used for making web videos.

I shot a video about what to look for in a video camera for making high-quality web videos. I named my video “Kodak Zi8 Camera Review,” which was a very frequently searched for keyword phrase.

Then I made a couple versions of that same video with different titles based on other common keyword searches. One was “Under $200 High-Definition Video Camera.” In the video, I opened up the box and used the camera. I talked about the benefits of the Kodak Zi8.

Then I held up the camera and said, “One of the most important things you need to make high-quality video is an external microphone input.” I talked about the fact that it’s necessary to have high-quality audio. If you have high-quality audio in a web video, people think your video is high quality as well.

Then I told viewers that if they’d like more free videos about video marketing, they can visit my website. That ended up driving a lot of high-quality traffic consisting of people who are obviously interested in video marketing to my website, where I then gave them a free trial of my software.

Bob: I know you’re a huge proponent of converting that traffic to sales as quickly as possible. Can you share how you do that?

Mike: I think from the moment you get qualified traffic, you need to make an offer in the form of a squeeze page or an opt-in on your website. Just because you get traffic doesn’t mean you’re going to make money unless you capture the lead. So I believe soon as you get the lead and have someone opt in, give them an opportunity to reply or respond to an offer immediately.

That could be either a consultation or joining a webinar or something that gets them active. Even if it’s a survey, follow up and ask them for money right away. I don’t have any problem asking for a sale right away as long as you offer great value.

Bob: Excellent. So let me just add a point that builds on what you’ve just shared. In addition to what you’ve said, I believe that the greatest reason why people don’t get qualified traffic is that they don’t think enough about who they want to attract. They think attracting everyone is the best goal of getting traffic.

But if you can drill down and really understand who you’re targeting to, the quality of your traffic will improve immensely.

So let’s say you’re selling a diet program. If you can drill that down to a diet program for women, or a diet program for seniors, or a diet program for young athletes who want to gain muscle—the more clearly you define who you want to attract—the better opportunity you have to attract exactly those people. I think people make that big mistake of not targeting effectively and that’s why one of the biggest complaints I hear is “I’m getting a lot of traffic, but it isn’t qualified.”

It’s your job to know who exactly you want to attract and to go after only those people. Because there’s a big misunderstanding that a lot of traffic means a lot of sales, but it doesn’t. I’d much rather have less traffic that’s highly qualified than a lot of traffic where I’m wasting their time and mine. So once you target your market properly, then you add in the techniques that you suggested and you’ve got the whole thing all in one neat package.

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